Take Advantage of Google Remarketing

On any given day, there are probably thousands of customers that have visited your dealership, or even purchased products from your dealership that haven’t heard from you or your sales staff since. These represent a valuable group of people that already know you and your products and are the most likely to purchase, or at least consider purchasing from your dealership. As such, it is important to understand how to properly followup with customers who come into contact with your dealership. Just as this is true with your physical dealership, the same is true with your online dealership, or your website.

A great way to continue to followup with customers who go to your website and then leave without purchasing is by taking advantage of a seldom used, but very powerful online advertising tool called “remarketing“. Remarketing tags the computer of a visitor to your website so that you can continue to market that visitor when they leave and travel to other places on the web.

Here’s how remarketing it works:

Remarketing is such a great tool because it allows you to continue to stay in front of your customers well after they leave your website. Just like you can continue to followup with your customers in the real world, remarketing allows you to followup with your customers in the online world as well.